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PSAM3060-D Computational Form

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Week 1 Jan 29Tiled GraphicsPaperclass notes
Week 2 Feb 5Generating Randomized ImagesJavascript + P5class notes
Week 3 Feb 12Working with PixelsJavascript + P5class notes
Week 4 Feb 19Turtle Graphics and Drawing MachinesJavascript + P5class notes
Week 5 Feb 26Creating Vector DataAdobe Scriptingclass notes
Week 6Generating AnimationsJavascript + P5class notes
Week 7Manipulating Live VideoQuartz Composerclass notes
Week 8Visualizing SoundQuartz Composerclass notes
Week 9Generating MusicTBDclass notes
Week 10Generating TextJavascriptclass notes
Week 11Generating 3D FormsOpenSCADclass notes
Final Project
Week 12Final Project Work Time, Special Topic LectureFusion 360class notes
Week 13Final Project Work Time, Special Topic Lecture
Week 14Final Project Work Time, Special Topic Lecture
Week 15Final Critique