Week 10 - Generating Text

Generative Text Examples

Study Project 1: Title Generator

This example generates a book title and and subtitle using a template and randomly chosen words from lists and injects the title into the HTML document.

It is written in pure Javascript, without the p5.js library or jQuery.

Study Project 2: Life Expectancy

This project takes input from the user and modifies its content to suit.

It is written in Javascript, using the jQuery library.

Hey, What is jQuery?

Final Proposal Assignment

For your final project you will select an a topic covered in the class you are interested in and explore it further. Your final project should have more depth and complexity than the sketches you have been making. Beyond that, you are free to define the form your project will take, so long as I approve your plan.

Email me, before next weeks class, an email describing what you have in mind for your final project. This does not need to be a formal proposal, just check in with me about what you are planning to work on.

Write a short paragraph describing your project. Also copy and fill out the following after your description.

Topic: Language: Tools/Libraries: Output Media:

Sketching Assignment

Create a daily sketch exploring the topics presented in class. Post an image of your results each day to the class sketch blog.

3D Printer Orientation

Lets all learn to 3D Print!